Training & Courses

During our two-day course (7 hours a day), we teach your team to hone their skills in OCaml and rely on Functional Programming to boost your company’s software projects. We focus on the language itself as well as the most efficient ways to use tools like OPAM or the compiler.

We organize two training sessions a year at our office. The next session will be held in November 2019. We’ll be pleased to welcome your team members for either the Fast Track to OCaml course or the OCaml Expert course. They’ll be in a group of 10 attendees at most to foster personalized feedback and specific questions.

Pre-register here for the next training session on Nov 5-6 (beginners) and Nov 7-8 (experts)! Please note we’ll have to cancel the training if not enough people are registered.

If you have specific needs for your team or want to train your engineers in-house, contact us so we can tailor a course for you.

OCaml Development

This course has been designed by the OCamlPro team to enable developers to build upon their experience of other programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, C# or Java, to program confidently in OCaml. This covers all the main aspects of the OCaml language and tools and interleaves theory and practice. Depending on the duration and the customer needs, we can focus more on specific topics and design suitable learning projects.

OCaml Code Optimization

This training has been designed by the OCaml team to focus specifically on writing the most efficient code for demanding applications. Participants will benefit from the direct involvement of the OCamlPro team in the developement of OCaml compilers.

OCaml Expert

This training has been designed by the OCamlPro team to enable developers to use more advanced features of OCaml powerful type-system, benefit from all the open-source tools and libraries, and to write compact and efficient code.

Mastering OPAM & OCaml’s Tooling

The OPAM source package manager has reached an exceptional popularity in the OCaml world. It can now be seen as the easiest way to install OCaml and its development environment on any computer. But did you know that OPAM was also designed to integrate nicely in a professional environment and could boost your development productivity too?

Custom Training

OCamlPro offers OCaml courses at all levels world-wide. Courses are adapted to software developers or test and support engineers. We can customize and run any of our regular courses for you at your offices. Our team of engineers can meet your specific needs and tailor a course for your company. Tell us about your project!


Practical information

Cost: 4200 USD (3000 EUR) per team member, not including VAT, for off-site training at our office

7000 USD (5000 EUR) per team member, not including VAT, for on-site training

Place: at OCamlPro’s office in Paris 14, France

Language: the courses are in French. If you’d like to follow the course in English, let us know: we might open a new slot if enough people are interested!

To save time, please advise your team members to come with OCaml already installed on their laptop. We can provide a VirtualBox image of a system with OCaml installed for Windows users: let us know when registering.

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